This complete soft skills learning program is made up of 14 modules, carefully chosen by our Education specialists. Each module has been designed to train a particular skill.

Our Soft Skills modules

Upsoftskills - Time administration course for kids

Time Administration

After doing our Time Administration module, your kid will be able to organize his agenda in a productive and efficient way, having learnt how to deal with distractors, how to prioritize and how to differentiate important from urgent.

Upsoftskills - Entrepreneurial mindset course for kids

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our Entrepreneurial Mindset module will help kids to improve their self-awareness (identifying own talents), develop leadership and the ability to plan and order ideas. They will also learn the importance of doing a high quality work as well as cultivate creativity, optimism and cooperation.

Upsoftskills - Learning from mistakes course for kids

Learning from Mistakes

Our Learning from Mistakes module will teach kids the concept of “mistake`` (not the same thing as ``failing”) and will make kids to see mistakes as an opportunity for learning and improving. They will learn how to prevent repeating same mistake over and over.

Upsoftskills - Empathy course for kids


Our Empathy module will train kids in active listening, awareness of others' feelings, needs and concern. Your kid will understand how the communication process works and learn tools of communication to influence and empathize (nonverbal language).

Upsoftskills - Communication course for kids


Doing our Communication module your kid will learn the principles of public speaking (verbally and no-verbally), how to communicate in a specific situation, and the keys to creating powerful messages.

Upsoftskills - Decision making course for kids


Our Decision-Making module will train kids’ capacity to make the best decision, teaching them how to identify a problem/ challenge/opportunity, making into account all relevant information, generating an array of possible solutions.

Upsoftskills - Problem solving course for kids

Problem Resolution

Our Problem Resolution module will train kids to identify the real problem underlying a situation, discard not relevant information and identify resources needed. They will learn to approach problems in a consistent and systematic way.

Upsoftskills - Think creatively course for kids

Think Creatively

Our Think Creatively module will stimulate new ways of thinking in order to create a constant stream of fresh and original ideas. Your kid will learn a toolkit of creative thinking techniques to generate, evaluate and select new ideas.


In our Autonomy module kids will learn the importance and gratification of “doing it yourself”. They will understand they have the power of doing many things by their own and how good it feels when you do not need to depend on anyone.

Basic Finance

Our Basic Finance module will teach your kid the concept and value of money, the concepts of trading, saving, and investing, as well as basic domestic economy issues. They will also learn to size the cost of things they normally use.

Upsoftskills - Critical thinking course for kids

Critical Thinking

Our Critical Thinking module will train kids to understand the links between ideas, determine their importance and relevance, to recognize and build arguments as well as to identify inconsistencies and errors in reasoning.

Goal Orientation

Doing our Goal Orientation module your kid will learn about the importance of setting goals, how they affect motivation and behavior, and the importance of focusing on these goals if you really want to achieve them.

Emotional Intelligence

Our Emotional Intelligence module will provide tools to regulate kids’ emotions and gaining control. It will guide kids to learn self-management, awareness, regulation, and motivations. They will also learn how to balance optimism and pessimism to succeed.

Team Working

In our Team Working module kids will learn that much better results are obtained when working as a team. They will also learn each person has different strengths and weaknesses and the importance of identifying them to get the best out of each.

Para niños de 7-13 años


Easy to use, intuitive, interactive and play based. It also includes fun videos, other kids’ testimonies, and a reward system.

Sólo 15 minutos al día

Anytime, anywhere, only 15 minutes a day

Children can access from any device. They need a reduced time every day, so this learning is compatible with other after school activities.

Usamos inteligencia artificial

Artificial Intelligence

Using “AI” we can adapt the training to the children’ evolution providing a successful learning experience.

Sin ayuda de los padres

No need for parents’ help

Children can complete the training entirely by their own, although parents will receive daily reports.