What We Do

World is changing faster than ever and kids need to develop new skills to succeed. We help your child develop important Soft Skills outside of School, the ones machines cannot match.

Para niños de 7-13 años


Easy to use, intuitive, interactive and play based. It also includes fun videos, other kids’ testimonies, and a reward system.

Sólo 15 minutos al día

Only 15 minutes a day

Anytime, anywhere children can access from any device. They need a reduced time every day, so this learning is compatible with other after school activities.

Usamos inteligencia artificial

Artificial Intelligence

AI-Driven platform adapting the training to the children’evolution providing a successful and effective learning experience.

Sin ayuda de los padres

No need for parents’ help

Children can complete the training entirely by their own, although parents will receive daily reports.

Why are soft skills so important?

According to the “International Labour Organization”, 6 out of 10 children will work in professions that do not yet exist.

Automation and artificial intelligence are forcing and accelerating the shift in new necessary skills.

How It Works

Discover how your kids can improve skills such us time administration, critical thinking, communication, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial mindset and much more. With us any child can score high on soft skills!

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